Arthroplasty and Osteoporosis

Arthroplasty and Osteoporosis

Joint Replacement and Risk for Fractures

Periprosthetic fractures should be considered osteoporotic fractures as well. Periprosthetic fractures typically occur some time after an arthroplasty -- the bone continues to lose density as the patient ages.

The effects of osteoporosis on arthroplasty is like trying to patch a threadbare favorite cashmere sweater or favorite pair of jeans. The fabric of the sweater is so threadbare that it cannot hold the new patch. The patches do not fail, but rather the sweater around the patch disintegrates. The same effect with patched jeans, where the patch is stronger than the threadbare fabric it is meant to hold together.

This is analogous to how osteoporosis affects joint replacements and surgical procedures that repair or replace joints. Oftentimes these surgical procedures are necessary to provide a comfortable life for us in our retirement years. However osteoporosis complicates things by weakening the "fabric" of our bones, making the bone weaker than the surgical joint that replaces the natural bone.

This means that despite receiving a joint replacement, the very next fall could result in a severe fracture in the area of the arthroplasty. To mitigate this risk, it is best to begin treating for osteoporosis before the bones become "threadbare".

Drugs like Evenity and Prolia are able to build new bone, but it takes time for the body to repair bone density. This means that we should be receiving treatment for osteoporosis well before we have the need for arthroplasty or joint replacement. This insures that our bones are fit and healthy to receive the surgical care that may be required into the future.

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