Breaking News: Supplemental Vitamin D DOES NOT Reduce Risk of Fractures

Avid readers of CORE Health Infusion Center’s blogs will remember the article from June detailing a harrowing account of a ski related injury. In that article I waxed poetically about our new focus on preventative care and increasing calcium and Vitamin D intake through oral supplements. Oh how wrong I was. WELL, the latest study published in July 2022’s New England Journal of Medicine says otherwise. Specifically, it claims:

“Vitamin D3 supplementation did not result in a significantly lower risk of fractures than placebo among generally healthy midlife and older adults who were not selected for vitamin D deficiency, low bone mass, or osteoporosis.”

In laymen’s terms, those Kirkland vitamin D3 tablets that we buy in bulk from Costco are no different than taking sugar pills and just believing in reducing bone fractures. Oral supplement Vitamin D3 does not reduce risk of recurrent fractures in normally healthy adults. The article goes on to say, “…our results did not suggest any differences in the effects of supplemental vitamin D3 on fracture outcomes according to race or ethnic group, BMI, or age.” This means that for the average healthy adult, we can save some money on purchasing oral vitamin B3 supplements.

This latest study reveals that the supplements marketing machine has been highly effective at getting us to spend on useless placebo tablets. If oral vitamin B3 was not that effective, what was keeping us healthy all along? Well, it turns out that good old-fashioned exercise outside was all we needed to maintain what nature has given us. Load bearing exercises such as weightlifting and running help to strengthen our bones through the natural stressing of the skeletal musculature and ligaments. The natural absorption of vitamin D into our skin from merely 15 to 20 minutes is sufficient. So then, get outside and start jogging! Start that gym membership you’ve always talked about and sign up to get a physical trainer! It’s 2022 and the pandemic reminded us exactly what is important in life: a healthy body, a healthy mind. Take the first step in identifying what you need by coming to Core Health Infusion in Mountain View, CA. Our office is located on the first floor of the Melchor Pavilion. Schedule a bone health consultation and osteoporosis assessment with Dr. Myneni.

Now that we know oral B3 supplements are ineffective in preventing fractures, it is imperative that we receive preventative care through proven medications for osteoporosis. Healthy bones equate to a better quality of life. Come to us at Core Health Infusion Center for your bone health.

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