Tennis Elbow

Silicon Valley is home to world-class athletes and Core Health Infusion Center is ready to serve your needs. Core Health Infusion Center is in Mountain View at the El Camino Hospital’s Melchor Pavilion. I am an ex-varsity badminton player and CAT 2 XCMTB racer, so I pay close attention to my body’s recovery needs. I am always pushing and working for deeper clears, harder smashes, faster drives, deeper lunges, and stronger cardio endurance. However, just one instance of overestimating my youth caused an old injury to show up: tennis elbow. Medically identified as Lateral Epicondylitis, its more common name is tennis elbow.

Overuse of the small muscles in the forearm that connect at the elbow can cause inflammation to the connecting tendons, resulting in the pain that is tennis elbow. However, playing tennis or badminton is not the only way to injure yourself. Sometimes it may come from repetitive motions that happen at work: contractors painting, or swinging hammers, or mechanics using torque guns. The most common solution is to stop the repetitive motion that caused the pain in the first place and allow the affected area to rest. However, for some working professionals this is just not possible. Our lifestyle here in the Bay Area values efficiency and time is money. In such cases, anti-inflammatory medications may be useful to you.

I know that in certain industries, minor aches and pains are badges of honor and borne proudly like medals and patches for deployment in the military. This is great for productivity in the short term: completing projects ahead of schedule and increasing profits by optimizing efficiency. However we sacrifice our body’s longevity for corporate gains every time we ignore the pain in our elbows and crush out another 8 hour overtime shift. Burnout and turnover rates are highest in these industries precisely because after a couple years of keeping pace, our bodies burn out. Don’t ignore the symptoms of tennis elbow, get the proper treatment and infusions to ensure the longevity of your body.

Come to Core Health Infusion Center for an evaluation of your symptoms. Dr. Myneni will evaluate your Lateral Epicondylitis and depending on her judgement, will provide a solution catered to your needs and optimized for your healing.

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